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From June 8 to 11, 2023, KUNDESIGN brings a vivid outdoor voyage at Booth 1A32 Design Shanghai. The wanderings, pauses, reveries, and explorations of the journey give more possibilities to life. Therefore, inspired by nature and travel, the exhibition uses outdoor design to express the observation and thinking on the landscape, culture, animals, and plants of different regions.

KUNDESIGN:Outdoor Voyage 戶外探索之旅第1張圖片
Right Image: Wings Sofa-Red (new)


'Travel is in my opinion a very profitable exercise, the soul is there continually employed in observing new and unknown things...'French writer Montaigne wrote that he believed ‘travel’ is not to achieve a goal, but more important is a kind of experience and feeling, as well as the harvest of thought and emotion. These Renaissance discussions of travel also bring to KUNDESIGN a distant but tangible lesson: whether it's a real trip to a foreign land or a transient pause in a fantasy, a proper ‘stay’ combined with random ‘exploration’ can be the beginning of all changes.

KUNDESIGN:Outdoor Voyage 戶外探索之旅第2張圖片
2023設計上海- Outdoor Voyage 戶外探索之旅
Outdoor Voyage


KUNDESIGN takes this insight into outdoor design. Instead of emphasizing the richness of environmental colors, booth 1A32 uses natural textures as a backdrop reminiscent of Morocco, a charming North African garden. The outdoor Pavilion with its curving sail curtain and wooden-grain grille, creates an immersive resort atmosphere and provides a space for the audience to stay. The Lotus long Table with a mid-column for multiple users encourages daily ‘breaks’ such as afternoon tea and outdoor dinner. And the warm ‘red’ comes from the new Wings Series, which includes the sofa, swivel chair, and lighting products, also expressing the relaxed, comfortable, interactive features, conveying the concept of stay.
Things interweave and promote the exploration of thinking, that’s travel, anytime anywhere stay, and imagination. The 2023 new design of KUNDESIGN presents this expansion and extension. Such as Lotus Outdoor Function Island designed for the outdoor kitchen scene, it combines storage, a mini fridge, a sink, a built-in ice bucket, lighting, and more. With the special arc-type column as a support, this function island expresses an elegant, unique temperament. In addition, the new hand-woven Core Lighting Series takes the seeds of plants as inspiration to express a travel story that scatter with the wind and stay freely. This new series uses environmentally friendly solar energy source, combined with 100% waterproof material, special structural design, while trying to update the hand-woven style, techniques, and other design details. Outdoor Voyage will continue with different pieces and collections by KUNDESIGN, which inspires the users' instinct to draw inspiration from daily life and to conceive of a rich and personal outdoor living experience.







如今,KUNDESIGN豐富的產品線應用于戶外空間、地產、酒店、商業體、文化、辦公、居家等多樣化環境中;活躍于中國、泰國、新加坡、澳大利亞、西班牙 意大利、比利時、墨西哥等地。

Inspired by nature and life, the outdoor brand KUNDESIGN was born in the context of contemporary design language. Through a unique perspective, KUNDESIGN tries to explore the natural tendency in urban life and use its flexible design to expand the relevance of environmental experience between outdoor and indoor spaces.
KUNDESIGN 's products include outdoor furniture, lamps, and accessories, expressing a combination of function, aesthetics, and craft design, and blending a kind of commonness of nature and urban life. Its design sets out liberty and diversity in a concise way to create a new impression of contemporary outdoor furniture.
In terms of design, KUNDESIGN pays more attention to the beauty of lines, woven texture, material selection and variations in color. It also considers improved comfort, application ways, and collocations to bring a more innovative experience to the visual features and the level of everyday usage.
As a design-driven outdoor furniture brand, KUNDESIGN also has top-notch development research and manufacturing background. Its products have excellent quality and environmental adaptability depending on the durability test, quick-drying system, anti-UV materials and a series of professional technology. From raw material selection and innovation, and functional optimization to post-maintenance, every link of KUNDESIGN’s precise control comes from its team's experience from co-operating closely with many international first-class outdoor brands for more than 20 years.
Nowadays, KUNDESIGN 's rich product line has been applied to outdoor spaces, hotels, cultural places, commercial real estates, office buildings, private residences and other diverse environments. And it becomes active in China, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, etc.


KUNDESIGN創始人祁昆(KUN),具有豐富的戶外家具設計經驗,他從自然人居、生活方式和產品設計中尋找契合點,提出“By Nature”的設計理念——天性自然,自然而然。



- 米蘭國際家具展Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016
- 德國科隆戶外用品展spoga+gafa Cologne 2017
- 巴黎時尚家居設計展Maison&Object Paris 2018
- 紐約設計周NYC Design Festival 2018
- 紐約國際當代家具展ICFF New York 2018
- 中國國際家具展覽會Furniture China 2018
- 廣州國際家具博覽會CIFF Guangzhou 2018-2022
- 設計中國北京Design China Beijing 2018 / 2019
- 設計上海design SHANGHAI 2018-2023
- 設計深圳design SHENZHEN 2023

- 德國標志性設計獎 Iconic Awards 2019, 德國
- 紐約設計周設計大獎 NYC x Design Awards 2018, 美國
- 中國家具產品創新獎戶外家具金獎 2018, 中國
- 中國好設計戶外家具金獎 2015, 中國

KUN, the founder of KUNDESIGN, has rich experience in outdoor furniture design. He attempts to find the probable connections among nature, the city lifestyle, and product design and proposes the design concept of "By Nature" -- Inspired by nature, to do design naturally.
KUN fuses the environmental compatibility, material properties and application trends of outdoor furniture through contemporary design thinking, making outdoor furniture more expressive while retaining its essence and quality. His design language is more liberal and concise, which is full of vitality with a sense of fun. In concept, KUN advocates following natural environmental protection as far as possible, trying to replace traditional wood and natural vine with renewable and recyclable materials. He also pays attention to the leftover material recycling and redesign and thus brings the special color scheme, durable material and decorative hand-woven features of outdoor furniture into a wider design field.
KUN’s works include outdoor furniture, flowerpot, planter, screen, accessories and lamp designs, etc., which increases the frequency of contact with nature and outdoor activities in our urban life. He also participates in interior design and exhibition design to inject green and outdoor elements into the contemporary living environment through a more inclusive and diversified way.

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016
spoga+gafa Cologne 2017
Maison&Object Paris 2018
NYC Design Festival 2018
ICFF New York 2018
Design China Beijing 2018 / 2019
Furniture China 2018
Design Shanghai 2018-2023
CIFF Guangzhou 2018-2012
Design Shenzhen 2023

NYC x Design Awards Honoree 2018
German Design Council Iconic Awards 2019
China Furniture Product Innovation Awards 2018,2019
China Good Design Awards 2015




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