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Foto: © Cris Farhat

Cat Furniture: More Comfort and Health for Felines at Home



In architecture, the most common is to design for humans only. However, covering the scope of the project for other species is an exercise that has been proposed in several orders. From specific furniture to interior design planned for the animal, the possibilities of creating a more playful and comfortable ambience, both for humans and animals, are diverse.

Foto: © Pedro Mascaro


There are several projects that start from this agenda and generate spaces for cats to exercise, find resting niches, so they don't access parts that have decorative elements and throw them on the floor, or even for the safety of the kitty itself.

Foto: © Fuji-Shokai / Masahiko Nishida

在Studio92 Arquitetura設計的Apartamento Fradique項目中,當有人做飯時,廚房的通道不會讓貓進入,因為曾經有一只寵物在爐子上發生了事故。因此,這種時刻它們無法進入廚房空間,但可以在客廳的爬架上獲得自由。這個架子如同貓咪的“游樂場”,同時又不失去其原有的功能。在這里,貓咪雖然可以隨意在壁龕和架子間穿梭,但它們無法進入有裝飾物品的部分。另一個例子是Teresa Mascaro在Higienópolis公寓提出的方案,貓咪可以通過客廳膠合板架子的孔洞爬到最高層,而置物架本身環繞整個社交區域,作為裝飾燈的背景。

At Apartamento Fradique, created by Studio92 Arquitetura, one of the main requirements was that access to the kitchen was closed to the cats while someone was cooking, as in the past, one of the pets had a minor accident on the stove. Therefore, here they lost access to this space, but gained prominence on the shelf in the living room, which was designed to be used as a “playground” by cats without losing its function. In it, the cats gain access to some niches and shelves, so that their movement is limited in a way they do not have access to the parts with decor objects. Thinking about shelves, another example is Teresa Mascaro's proposition made at Higienópolis Apartment, in which the marine plywood shelves in the living room, through holes, allow the cats to exercise and climb to the highest level, in reinforced concrete, which surrounds the entire social area and serves as a resource for indirect lighting.

Foto: © Mariana Orsi

在SuperLimão設計的米拉公寓中,有著一個服務于貓咪的設計策略。在這里,茶幾成為了它們的吊床。在Loloite公寓,URBANODE arquitetura更進一步的將樓梯的護欄設計成了貓咪家具。

In a more modest action, but which still looks to the feline residents, a coffee table was designed to serve as a hammock for them at Mira Apartment, designed by SuperLimão. At Loloite Apartment, URBANODE arquitetura went a little further and designed a piece of furniture for the house's cats, which serves as a guardrail for the stairs.

Foto: © Maíra Acayaba

Foto: © Marcelo Donadussi

在功能層面上,還利用房屋的現有空間將其轉化為貓咪的家具,Adhoc Arquitectura y Territorio就在f(x)之家為貓咪創造了一個這樣的空間,在櫥柜中設計有孔洞和臺階的花園,以便貓咪可以玩耍,同時也隱蔽了洗衣房的設施。

In this more multifunctional sense, of taking advantage of an existing function of the house to transform it into furniture for cats, Adhoc Arquitectura y Territorio created a space for cats in f(x) House: a garden that materializes in rolling cupboards, with holes and steps designed so that the cats can play, at the same time serving as elements that hide the laundry room.

Foto: © David Frutos

Foto:© Hey! Cheese

最后,在大規模的改造中,有兩個案例,其中的公寓有著寵物專屬環境,在Matú Arquitetura設計的Apartamento Arluzia項目中,客戶從一開始就表達了對公寓“貓咪化”的興趣,這給項目帶來了特殊的視角,并在此基礎上進行精心設計,以滿足各種需求,無論是在功能上還是在審美上,通過為貓咪提供游樂場或通道,讓貓咪能夠自由玩耍。KC設計工作室通過細節的處理,在“貓咪的粉紅色房子”中找到了家具和空間的概念轉換,例如,將貓咪行走的樓梯與主人的辦公桌相結合,以便主人可以在工作之余與小貓玩耍。

Finally, in more radical interventions, we have two examples in which the apartments have environments specifically designed for pets. In the case of Apartamento Arluzia, designed by Matú Arquitetura, the client expressed from the beginning the interest in "catifying" the apartment, which brought a specific perspective to the project and allowed the elaboration of a design that would meet everyone's needs, both in terms of function as well as aesthetics, through a shelf-playground for the cats or an underpass through the doors, in order to allow the animals to move. KC Design Studio, by means of details, found the transformation of the concept between spaces as furniture and furniture as space at Cat's Pink House, where, for example, the stairs on which the cats walk matches the owner’s office desk in order to work and play with the kittens at the same time.

Foto: © Cris Farhat

Foto: © Lei Zheng




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