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讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第1張圖片

Kithulgala Boutique Hotel / Dezine Lounge



Text description provided by the architects. Moksha is a hotel built for repose and healthful living, of life embedded in nature. While it offers all the creature comforts the likes of a star hotel in its interior, Moksha's exterior structure, and ambiance blend seamlessly into the natural landscape into which it is built.

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第2張圖片


The hotel’s architecture, too, is in congruence with the ambiance its name confirms. The architect has embraced self-sustaining design strategies that enhance the natural setting of the location throughout the implementation phase. Each and every existing element has been re-utilized across the entire construction period. The value added from the context is high; natural timber and bricks sourced from the area and local craftsmanship utilized from the inception to the operation, saving time and extra expenditure. It has taken nearly a year to prepare the land for construction, as it has been full of boulders that one always meets in the proximity of natural waterways and woodlands. Local craftsmanship was especially involved in overcoming this challenge as the topography was abundant with natural boulders and heavy slopes.

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第3張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第4張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第5張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第6張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第7張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第8張圖片


The facade is wooden, and so is the majority of furniture in the lobby. The wood is repurposed from the limited number of trees that were essential to be removed to make space for the construction. Putting the sustainable design strategies into practice, the architect has utilized these wooden planks in producing the facade and furniture, and the balance requirement has been sourced from the locale without any damage to the surrounding rainforest. The choice is sustainable as it is soothing. The familiar, brown hues of nature prominent in the lobby merge the building further with the context it is borne out of. Natural materials help always keep the atmosphere comfortable. The colors help. Earthy tones that the architect has chosen for the exterior and the semi-external furniture embody the woodland with their deep browns, brick reds, and burnt yellows.

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第9張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第10張圖片


From the onset, the architect sought the support of local craftspeople and builders. Though it has been challenging to elaborate the architectural nuances of every detail, working with local expertise has helped bring a rich local flavor to the concept, adopting sustainability and adapting to the context, keeping nature’s presence always at its most vibrant across the entire hotel. 

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第11張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第12張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第13張圖片

客房、餐廳和酒吧都設在三層樓的建筑里。這座長方形的酒店與旁邊的自然溪流Liyan Oya和深林邊緣和諧共生。奇妙的是,建筑的棱角并沒有在景觀中顯得突兀。與樹林和溪流平行的位置讓酒店融入景觀,仿佛這個人造的結構是也是叢林的一部分。

The guestrooms, the restaurant, and the bar are all housed in a single three-storied building. The rectangular edifice is placed parallel to the natural stream, Liyan Oya, that flows right next to the property and the edge of the deep woods on the other side. Surprisingly, or perhaps wondrously, the structure's angularity does not jut out as an anomaly in the landscape. The parallel placement allows the boutique hotel to blend into the landscape as if it were the most natural phenomenon to have a man-made structure within the jungle.

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第14張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第15張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第16張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第17張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第18張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第19張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第20張圖片

讓樹木以另一種形態重生 | 斯里蘭卡Kithulgala酒店第21張圖片

建筑設計:Dezine Lounge
攝影:Ganidu Balasuriya, MAD Factory
制造商:Kich, M.M. Noorbhoy & Co., Oro & Oro, Rocell
承包商 : Waruna Nuwan建筑公司
結構工程師 : Damitha Ranasinghe
3D建模 : Nipun Hettiarchachi
國家 : 斯里蘭卡

Architects: Dezine Lounge
Area: 8542 ft2
Year: 2021
Photographs: Ganidu Balasuriya, MAD Factory
Manufacturers: Kich, M.M. Noorbhoy & Co., Oro & Oro, Rocell
Contractors: Waruna Nuwan Construction
Structural Engineer: Damitha Ranasinghe
3 D Modeling: Nipun Hettiarchachi
Graft Person: Piuyme Fernando
City: Kitulgala
Country: Sri Lanka




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